1. The One himself debating @timalamo at #fantasticdebates ! #fantasticfest #FF2013 #keanureeves #taichi_or_not_taichi ? (at John’s Gym ATX)


  2. Keanu Reeves bumped into me while I was waiting for the restroom at #fantasticdebates This is not a photo of that moment #fantasticfest #ff2013 (at John’s Gym ATX)


  3. #ElijahWood stood next to me for 20 seconds at #fantasticdebates #fantasticfest #ff2013 (at John’s Gym ATX)


  4. Either the lighting when this photo was taken makes it look like I have a mustache, or I’m so excited about #fantasticfest that I’ve grown facial hair for the occasion. #FF2013 (at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Lakeline)





  8. Voiceover session with @trutriciahelfer May 2011 #tbt #throwbackthursday #triciahelfer #posthuman


  9. After the screening of PostHuman at San Diego Comic-Con last week, Cole and I sat down for an interview with Latino Review.


  10. The PostHuman short film is now viewable online! You don’t have to be at a film festival to see it!

    Directed by Cole Drumb

    Produced by Cole Drumb and Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk

    Featuring the voice of Tricia Helfer

    Animation Studio: Humouring the Fates

    (Source: jenniferluk, via posthumanthemovie)